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Abnormally Normal is for everyone who feels they are on the outside. Maybe you feel you don’t quite fit in.

Perhaps we are all abnormally normal.

We dig into the effects of trauma, social norms, culture, gender, patriarchy, friendship, living without children - whether childfree or childless, mental health, pronatalism, and so much more.

I’ve always felt like a square peg forced into a round hole. I’m too much of one thing or not enough of something else. Do you feel this, too?

I pave my own path and go against expectations. I’m not rebellious; my yearnings don’t match what is considered “normal.” But the more I open up, the more I find kindred spirits.

Perhaps I am normal after all. Maybe, we are all just Abnormally Normal. Are you Abnormally Normal?

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A place for everyone who feels they don't fit in.


Kindness is my superpower. Finding ways to connect in an increasingly divisive world is important to me. I write about injustice, friendship, the childfree life, feminism, personal growth and being abnormally normal.